About us

Highland Leather is an Australian business owned and operated by George and Julie. We design, dye, cut, emboss and sew everything ourselves here in Woodford, Queensland, Australia.

We make Handcrafted Leather Belts, Leather Bags, Leather Journal Covers, Leather Mobile Phone Covers, Leather Wallets, Leather Coin Purses, Personalised Leather Truck & Bus Log books, Leather Bookmarks, Leather Wedding Albums and many more items.


Each piece is individually handcrafted and stitched with UV protected threads.  Our products will wear and age beautifully and are meant to be used and loved for years.

Despite the temptation to mass-produce his work George is committed to keeping his pieces unique and authentic.

George hopes that everyone that purchases his work is touched by the significance of the designs and appreciates the true origins of his work.